Coconut Secret Coconut Oil Organic Raw Extra-Virgin Alive

NEW from Coconut Secret is the first ever coconut oil to integrate the spiral helix pattern seen in all facets of nature. Activated through a clockwise – counterclockwise helical spin, it is transformed into an energized, truly ALIVE state! 

Alive Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut, and has the perfect mild flavor that compliments, yet doesn’t overpower other ingredients. Whereas, expeller and cold pressed oils are made from dried coconut, and have a strong coconutty flavor.

Our specially designed cobalt blue glass jar helps to preserve the living structure and energy of our helixed oil, and protect against damaging radiation from the sun and indoor lighting.

Delicious in smoothies, sautés and salad dressings. Amazing for hair and skincare too! 

What is the spiral helix pattern?

The proprietary Helix System used to activate our Alive Coconut Oil, was inspired by the research of Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger in the early 1900’s, prior to the discovery of the double helix in DNA. His insights revealed how living water in a mountain stream spirals both clockwise and counter-clockwise as it flows through nature. The expansion of life force that occurs from this natural spiraling activity, is the basis of our Helix System.

This spiral helix pattern seen in all facets of nature and biology, significantly transforms the molecular living structure of liquid, thereby enhancing its bioactivity, permeability and absorption by our bodies inside and out. Through this quantum life force spin, Alive Coconut Oil is transformed into an energized, truly alive state.

Item #AA8212 (16oz) 

    Ingredients: Organic, raw, extra-virgin coconut oil. Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.